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Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Car Repossession

Another Hit to Retail, Payless Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

How The For-Profit College Scam Work

7 Signs It's Time to Consider Personal Bankruptcy

Preparing to Meet with a Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Attorney

The Mai-Kai Slapped With Foreclosure Suit

5 Signs It's Time to Consider Bankruptcy for Small Business

Facing Sallie Mae or Navient Student Loan Litigation?

How to File for Bankruptcy with No Money?

What to Do (and Not Do) When Being Sued for Student Loans

How to Identify Debt Relief Scams

What is a Stalking Horse Bid?

When Bankruptcy and Medical Malpractice Overlap

Colleges Starting to Offer Free Tuition

Florida Big Brother of the Year Chad Van Horn

Student Loan Debt Crisis is in Worse Shape Than Thought

Partridge Peril: David Cassidy's Bankruptcy

50 Cent Settles Bankruptcy for More than 50 Cents

How to Handle Harassment from Creditors and Make It Stop

When to Wind It Down: Closing Retail Business

How to Tell if Federal Tax Refund Will Be Offset (taken)?

7 Things to Know for Bankruptcy 341 Meeting

Making Student Loan Payments After Losing Job

Bankruptcy Filings Decline, Is It The Calm Before The Storm?

Debt, Bankruptcy, and... Your Driver's License?

Retail Store Employees Losing Jobs Need Financial Help

How to Survive Debt After Losing a Job

Can Bankruptcy Stop an Eviction?

Arbitration in Bankruptcy: The Straight Talk

Top College Football Schools Come With Hefty Student Loan Debt

How Bankruptcy can Help Your Credit

Bankruptcy vs. Paying Off Debt

How a Trump Presidency Might Affect Your Student Loans

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost In Broward County?

Wage Garnishment Happens: What to Do About It

The Truth about Credit Repair

Dealing With Debt Garnishment for an Old Judgment

Recovering from Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Tips

Can One Spouse File Bankruptcy without Involving the Other?

Do You Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Can I Have My National Collegiate Trust Loans Dismissed?

What Will Happen if I Ignore National Collegiate Trust?

The Zero Down Bankruptcy: Why I Do It and Nobody Else Does

The Statute of Limitations on National Collegiate Trust

How to Recover from Bankruptcy?

Three Things to Do if Sued by National Collegiate Trust

Share the Season: Make a Difference All Year

The Supremes Greatest Hits: Debt Collectors Get SCOTUS Docket Time

Breaking News for Florida Homeowners in Foreclosure

Changes to the Bankruptcy Means Test

Trumps Student Debt Plan, That Looks Kind of Familiar

Dirty Tricks Department: Where is Your Student Loan Payment Going?

How Much a Bachelor’s Degree Cost After You Repay Student Loans?

How the Deck is Stacked Against Student Loan Borrowers

How the "King of Debt" Donald Trump Hasn't Paid Taxes in 20 Years

When Filing For Bankruptcy is the Best Option

Mortgages and Student Loans: Can You Get One if You Have the Other?

Kentucky AG Strikes Student Loan Scammers

Debt Free College: The Game Changing Move America Needs

ITT Scam Unfolds

Why Have For-Profit Colleges Failed Students?

Protect Your Parents From Fraud

ITT Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Can of Worms Opened

IRS Debt Triggers Millions of Streams to Help Rapper Nelly

What Happens to Your Student Loan Debt When You Die?

What Happens When Your Credit Card Debt Is Charged Off?

The Truth About Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy

ITT Defunct: What You Need to Know about Your ITT Student Loans

4 Things That Stop Millennials Planning for Their Future

Signs of a Student Debt Relief Scam

The 2016 Average Student Loan Debt

Wells Fargo Breaks Student Loan Servicing Laws: Wrist Slapped

Subprime Auto Loans Target the People Who Can’t Afford Them

Student Loan Servicers Get FCC’ed

Student Loan Debt Closing in on $1.5 Trillion

Bankruptcy 341 Meeting of Creditors: Tips for Success

Teen Retail Store Claire’s is Facing Bankruptcy

Amazon Prime Student and Wells Fargo Want You to Buy More Stuff

Student Loan Grace Periods - Know the Facts

How Can I be Removed as a Student Loan Cosigner?

How Long Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Last?

How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishments: 3 Steps to Take Now

Nun of That: Student Loan Debt, Vocations, and Catholic Canon Law

Who is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?

How Long Does a Bankruptcy Stay on Your Credit Report?

Social Security Overpayments and Bankruptcy

Advisory: Fraudulent Car Dealer Fee

Declaring Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Bankruptcy Fraud – Is It the Dumbest Idea Ever?

F. Lee Bailey – O.J’s Lawyer – Files for Bankruptcy

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Violations Cheat Sheet

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Debt Collector Harassment: How to Fight Back

Chapter 11 Protected Assets: Tenancy by the Entirety


Van Horn Law Group Team Member Spotlight: Meet Martha Annette Cayo

Bankruptcy Reset Button for Debt-Related Driver's License Suspension

South Florida Condo Fee Rip-Off Report

Chapter 11: Reorganization for Small Business

Esteemed 2016 Florida Rising Star, Van Horn Law Group

How to Find the Right Lawyer for You

College Graduates, Welcome to Student Loan Debt City

Before You Take the LSAT

Another Big Retailer Files Bankruptcy Leaving Thousands Jobless

Financial Hassles for the Hoff

College Graduates Tips for Entering the Real World

Van Horn Law Group Team Member Spotlight: Meet Milagros Scribani

Understanding Grace Periods, Deferment, and Student Loan Forbearance

Filing Chapter 7 Could Get Revoked License Back

Chad Van Horn Named 2016 Big Brother of The Year

Aeropostale Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Broke Ballers and Filing for Bankruptcy

Debra Van Horn Scholarship Expanded to Include 7th to 12th Graders

Fallen Idol, Core Media Facing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors vs. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Baller Money Problems: Rookies Need Financial Literacy

Debt Collectors and FDCPA Violations: What To Do?

Served! John Oliver Schools the Credit Reporting Agencies

Van Horn Law Group 2016 Notable Awards from Avvo & Thumbtack

Corinthian College to Pay Over $1 Billion, What it Means to Students

Application Deadline Extension for Debra Van Horn College Scholarship

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust: Second Verse Same as the First

The Hand in Your Pocket: Student Loan Garnishment

The Best Benefit: Companies Help With Student Loans

Divorce and Bankruptcy, Which Should Come First?

Student Loan Forgiveness for Florida Teachers

Debt Consolidation for Medical Bills, What is the Best Approach?

Tips for a Financial Spring Cleaning

Your Tax Refund May be Taken to Pay Off Student Loan Debt

2016 Presidential Candidates on the Issues: Student Loan Debt

Federal Tax Debt and Filing for Bankruptcy: What It Can and Can't Do

Bankruptcy and Tax Refunds, Commonly Asked Questions

Sports Authority's Road to Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

2016 Presidential Candidates on the Issues: Healthcare Reform

2016 Presidential Candidates on the Issues: Bankruptcy Reform

The Refund Down the Rabbit Hole: Tax Return Garnishment

How Does Bankruptcy Work? Or is Debt Consolidation Better?

Arrested for not paying student loans debunked

Van Horn Law Group Team Member Spotlight: Chris Henry Pabon

Asset Protection in 2016: What You Need to Know

An Open Letter to Kanye West

Mailbag: When Should I Talk to a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

How Long Does it Take to File for Bankruptcy as a Small Business?

Consolidating Student Loans? Do This First!

Debt Consolidation Companies: What You Need to Know

Five Reasons to See an Estate Planning Attorney

Student Loan Debt Rises – And Here's What That Money Could Do Instead

Van Horn Law Group Team Member Spotlight: Meet Laverne M. Wallace

Five Things You Can Do that Will Repair Your Credit

Federal Rate Hikes and the Mortgage: What You Can Do

Fed Hikes Interest Rates: What It Means for Your Student Loans

Winning the Lottery Can't Buy a Lot of Things

Avoid Going into Financial Distress After Winning the Lottery

What You Need to Know About Lottery Winners and Financial Literacy

Lottery Winners are More Likely to File Bankruptcy

Millennials Have No Money: Student Loan Debt Impact on Earnings

We Wish You a Solvent and Debt Free New Year

New Year's Resolutions: The How Did I Get In Debt Edition?

November 2015 Florida Housing and Foreclosure Report

Who Went Bust in 2015? Celebrity Bankruptcies Edition

How Not to Go in the Hole: Get Out of Debt Holiday Edition

Christmas 2060: Grandma Just Paid Off Her Student Loan Debt

Did Black Friday Send You Into Credit Card Debt?

Student Loan Debt and Your Fantasy Christmas Vacation

Bankruptcy Court, New Bankruptcy Forms, and How Not to Handle This

Santa Baby: What You Could Buy with that Student Loan Debt

That's a Lot of Fruitcake: What You Could Buy with Your Student Debt

Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Right For My Small Business?

Getting Out From Under Credit Card Debt

Fix Your Credit the Right Way

Class of 2014: Most Likely to Be In Serious Student Loan Debt

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Businesses Q&A

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Businesses Q&A

What is Avvo and How It Can Help you Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

5 Million More Americans Can Lower Monthly Student Loan Payments

Clearing Your Name: Removing False Online Reviews

Trump University  - No Accreditation, No licensing, No Problem?

Student Loan Collection Scammers, You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Can You Pass the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test?

Are You Missing Out? Learn About Student Loan Repayment Plans

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Share a Season and Make a Difference

Why Get a Credit Restoration Service Firm?

The Job Market September 2015 Presents a Bleaker Outlook than Expected

How Will Filing Bankruptcy Impact My Home and Car Loans?

Life After Bankruptcy – A Change in Policy by Fannie Mae

The Most Common Self-Filing Bankruptcy Mistakes

You Can’t Please Everyone: Dealing with Online Negative Comments

Dispelling the Most Common Bankruptcy Myths

What to Do If You Think a Debt Collector is Breaking the Law

Student Loan Giant Navient Under the Microscope

How Much Can It Hurt? Negative Comments Online Make a Big Difference

Suing For Slander: When Complaints Go Too Far

Job Market: August 2015

Working with a Credit Restoration Law Firm

The Mounting Problem of Student Loan Debt

3 Facts Everyone Should Know About Student Loan Garnishment

Controlling Digital Assets in a Changing Business World

Digital Asset Management – Personal vs. Company

50 Cent and His Imaginary Bankruptcy

Job Market: July 2015

Credit Restoration in the 21st Century

Understanding Chapter 20 Bankruptcy and Lien Stripping

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

Why Filing for Bankruptcy Is Smart

3 Sobering Truths about Student Loan Debts

How the Government Garnishes Wages With Student Loan Debt For Retirees

Job Market: June 2015

A Better Credit: Keeping Tabs on Your Credit Score

50 Cent Filed for Bankruptcy, But Is He Really Broke?

When Should You Consider Filing for Bankruptcy as a Business?

Did Donald Trump Really Go Bankrupt?

Estate Planning for Married Same-Sex Couples after June 2015

Avoiding Panic in Foreclosure

How Student Loans and the Economy Conspire to Ruin Millennials in Debt

Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness: An Option for Florida's Nurses

Survive Corinthian College: Debt Relief Measures to Fight Student Debt

Burning Money: How Star Athletes Lose Millions (What It Means for You)

Legal Lingo: Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt (Infographic)

Surviving Bankruptcy: Assignment for Benefit of Creditors and You

Loan Forgiveness for Corinthian: The Brass Tacks

Protecting the Digital: Creating a Digital Assets Protection Plan

Better Business Bureau 101 For Selecting An Attorney

Prenuptial Agreements: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

From 'I Do' to Home Ownership: LGBT Couples Have Rights

Client's Voice Nets Client Choice Award 2015

The Unthinkable: What to do When You Lose Your Job

Hall of Fame to Bankruptcy Court, Bankrupt NFL Players

National Collegiate Trust: Four Things You Need to Know

Students Seeking Debt Relief for Defunct School Education

Does Being Transgender Change Estate Planning?

Zombie Debts Get a Headshot

Student Debt vs. Bankrupt Colleges: Corinthian Colleges Shutdown

3 Big Brands Show Corporate Bankruptcy Isn't a Death Sentence

Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy Option Chapter 7

American Horror Story: Paying Your Mortgage and Still Being Foreclosed

The Better Bankruptcy Choice, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

What You Can Do to Stay Ahead of Student Loan Payments

Celebrity Bankruptcies, Who Went Broke and Declared Bankruptcy

Getting Out from Under Student Loan Debt

Smart Money vs. Dumb Money, Comparing Federal Student Loans

When You’re Declaring Bankruptcy

What Happens If You Fail to Pay Your Student Loans? Hint: Nothing Good

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuits

Solutions for Dealing with Student Loan Repayment Stress

Handling a Debt Negotiation

Navigating Without a Loan Modification Lawyer

Strategies for Handling Student Loan Debt and Planning for Your Future

Things to Consider Before Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Handling Student Loan Debt on Your Own

Things to Consider When Consolidating Debt

Two Things to Know When Filing Bankruptcy on Your Own

Returning to the Nest Because of Crushing Student Loans

The Impact of the Average Student Loan Debt on Graduates

Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy? Determining the Best Solution

RadioShack Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Preparing for Your Child’s Future: Manage Future Student Loans, Consolidation, and More

Defaulting on Private and Federal Student Loans

What To Do if You Are in Foreclosure

Tips for Qualifying for Loan Modification Programs

Understanding Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Options to Avoid Losing Your Home

Leaving Your Home and Avoiding the Stress of Foreclosure

Understanding Problems with Private Student Loans

Understanding the Basic Differences Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

How One Expecting Mother Fought Debt Collectors and Won With Legal Guidance

Key Signs You Need Help With Your Finances

Life After Bankruptcy: The Two Steps You Must Take


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