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How to Identify Debt Relief Scams

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Mar 15, 2017 7:15:00 AM

You can see the ads all over the internet, and late at night when you’re thinking about your debt and how to get out from under, these ads can start to look like a way out from under. The problem is that the vast majority of these ads are debt relief scams. One former California lawyer was ordered by the FTC to pay more than $18 million in fines and was barred from debt relief practice for inducing homeowners to sign on to mass joinder lawsuits alleging fraud by mortgage lenders. Instead he and others stole millions of dollars from desperate clients who only wanted to save their home. That he was disbarred in California does not prevent him from moving to another state and starting the same scam over again.

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Kentucky AG Strikes Student Loan Scammers

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Oct 12, 2016 7:31:38 AM

You might not have noticed it, but at the end of last week, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear announced that a Franklin County circuit judge ordered that Liberty Tax and Student Loan Defense immediately cease operations in the state of Kentucky. The company did not respond adequately to a subpoena issued by the office of consumer protection and the Attorney General’s office is involved in an ongoing investigation into the company’s practices and claims, which are said to be misleading while charging exorbitant fees to consumers. The Florida-based company is no longer allowed to:

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Protect Your Parents From Fraud

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Sep 28, 2016 8:22:30 AM

There’s nothing worse than a hysterical phone call from your mom or dad talking about the IRS, or how a grandchild has just called from a police station or hospital emergency room, or that their computer is going to be turned off for not paying Microsoft “software license” fees or that “Microsoft” has detected a virus in your computer and they need remote access to fix it. The scammers are counting on shock and fear to knock your parents off their equilibrium and get them to part with a large sum of cash. Other scams pose as legitimate businesses calling about auto warranties, offer to help lower credit card interest rates, fundraising, travel packages, or a variety of other businesses. Shame at having been taken in by a scam keeps them quiet, even to the point of skipping medications, short-paying bills, or doing cutting other corners to make up for the lost money.

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