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Another Hit to Retail, Payless Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Apr 12, 2017 9:57:38 AM

News of Payless Shoes filing chapter 11 bankruptcy hits Florida hard, with 50 stores being shuttered statewide, and putting hundreds of mostly low-wage people out of work.

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Making Student Loan Payments After Losing Job

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Jan 30, 2017 8:58:50 AM

What are my options to make student loan payments after losing my job?

Q: Dear Mr. Van Horn, I hope that you can help me with some good advice. I graduated from college two years ago with about $22,000 in student loans. I took a job with the company thinking that it was on sound financial footing, but after a string of incidents it has become apparent that it is not. We were told this weekend that the company would be laying off a significant percentage of the workforce. I’ve been very thrifty so that I could pay as much as possible on my loans - living with roommates, being really budget conscious - but this throws everything right back to square one. My parents told me I could move back in with them, but that doesn’t do anything about my loans. I’m losing sleep over this. Help?


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Retail Store Employees Losing Jobs Need Financial Help

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Jan 20, 2017 8:12:37 AM

The retail fallout is still going on, with more closings expected from Macy’s, Kmart, and Sears  just to name a few. Mall stalwarts like The Limited and Claire’s are going out and leaving only darkened storefronts behind. Amazon, conversely, is expecting to add 100,000 jobs in the next year and a half. The brutal truth is that even after the Recession we were jammed to the rafters with retail in the form of malls. Going shopping is increasingly more likely to mean going online than going to a location, with even specialty retail holding a significant presence in e-commerce. Unfortunately all these closings mean that people who have been pinched by stagnant wages for years are losing their lifelines and now they need financial help. 

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How to Survive Debt After Losing a Job

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Jan 18, 2017 8:22:27 AM

Being in debt after losing a job is not the end of the world.

 Just when you think that you’re doing all right, something happens. You think that you can deal with your debt, maybe you’re already paying it down and improving your credit rating. Then the bottom falls out – the job that pays your debt pays your bills and pays your rent is gone. You don’t need a recession to experience job loss, and even if a business survives the last recession, there is no guarantee that it is going to survive the changing times. There is no such thing as a fail-proof business, just the same as there is no get rich quick scheme. It’s what you do after the rug is out from under you that determines how you’re going to land

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