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Advisory: Fraudulent Car Dealer Fee

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Jul 19, 2016 8:04:58 AM

The advisory from the Department of Motor Vehicles could not be clearer - even if it is ten years old. Motor vehicle dealers are prohibited from inserting into any of the purchase paperwork a fee for, “Title and Registration Fees (including a private tag agency fee of $____.__).” This violates Florida Statute 320.27(9)(b)3, which states that this fee is false, misleading, misrepresentative, and deceptive with regard to the sale and financing of motor vehicles. However, that’s not the only statute that’s violated by the addition of this fictional fee to your contract, order, or other purchasing documents. 

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South Florida Condo Fee Rip-Off Report

Posted by Chad Van Horn on Jun 16, 2016 8:10:36 AM

The law is the law – or is it? Let’s face it, when a law is passed to stop an abuse or right a wrong, there is someone somewhere who is going to try and get around it. Florida statute 718.112 seems straightforward, it states that no fee more than $100 should attach to any manner of transfer – such as a sale, refinance, lease, and so on. An association has the right to preset those fees provided that it does not exceed $100 per applicant; spouses and parents with children are considered one applicant. Further, the approval for such transfers and fees must be in the documents of the association, such as their bylaws, CR&R documents, declarations, and articles. 

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