How Long After Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can I Sell My House?

7 hours ago
Chad Van Horn

Most people who file for bankruptcy are also looking to move on from the situation that got them there. Maybe…

Bite Sized Law: FL 222.11 Exemption of Wages from Garnishment

Let's get started on understanding 222.11 exemption of wages from garnishment!

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Can You Convert Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy code does allow you to convert chapter 13 to chapter 7 bankruptcy when needed. Knowing how to do…

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Does Bankruptcy Affect Security Clearance?

There are lots of factors taken into consideration if bankruptcy affects security clearance.

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Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Basics: Everything You Need to Know About the Process

Want to know the Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy basics about who qualifies for the bankruptcy? It’s important to keep in…

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What Happens if an Employer Ignores a Wage Garnishment?

Failure to submit to these responsibilities could even lead to jail time for them. By simply ignoring their legal responsibility…

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Wedding Bells and Bankruptcy: Expecting the Unexpected

South Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Chad Van Horn will be going LIVE on Facebook, September 1, 2021 at 12:00 pm (EST).…

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Can a Credit Card Company Garnish Wages in Florida?

A creditor can't simply decide to garnish wages and do it overnight – there is a process that must adhere…

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Bankruptcy Reset Button for Debt-Related Driver’s License Suspension

Having your license suspended is a surefire way to upend your life. You can’t get to work, can’t get the…

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Real Estate Seller’s Market: Creating a Strategy to Capitalize

The next Talk With Chad LIVE Event is coming! August 18th, 2021, Chad Van Horn is going LIVE on Facebook…

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