How to Escape Wage Garnishment?

You can permanently escape wage garnishment by filing for bankruptcy.

12 months ago

Bite Sized Law: FL 222.11 Exemption of Wages from Garnishment

Let's get started on understanding 222.11 exemption of wages from garnishment!

2 years ago

What Happens if an Employer Ignores Wage Garnishment?

Failure to submit to these responsibilities could even lead to jail time for them. By simply ignoring their legal responsibility…

2 years ago

Can Credit Card Company Garnish Wages in Florida?

A creditor can't simply decide to garnish wages and do it overnight – there is a process that must adhere…

2 years ago

Can Your Wages Be Garnished Out of State? What to Know About Out-of-State Garnishments

While out-of-state garnishments are a little bit tricky, there are ways for creditors to collect on them. Knowing this will…

2 years ago

Do Garnishments Expire?

Do garnishments expire? That answer is yes, but the date at which your garnishment will expire – or be settled, in…

2 years ago

If You Have a Wage Garnishment, Is Your Boss Notified?

You may be worried about what your employer will think if they find out about your wage garnishment.

2 years ago

Can They Do That? What You Need to Know About Wage Garnishment Laws in Florida

Not sure if any of these options are right for you? Still need help sorting out the details of wage…

3 years ago

What is Bank Account Garnishment and Is it Legal?

Bank account garnishment refers to a debt collector suing you and taking money out of your bank account after you…

3 years ago

How to Deal with Creditors Collecting Deficiency Judgment

It is important to note that collecting deficiency judgments doesn’t happen automatically.

3 years ago