Better Business Bureau 101 For Selecting An Attorney

the name “Better Business Bureau.” But do you know what the Better Business Bureau actually does? Brush up on your BBB know how, and learn how to use this valuable consumer tool. On the landing page of its website, the Better Business Bureau declares its mission as helping “people find and recommend businesses brands and charities they can trust” by promoting ethical business practices. Despite the official sounding name the BBB is not a branch of local, state, or federal government. It is instead a private nonprofit organization, and despite some scandals, it is one of the most trusted names for consumers seeking reputable and reliable entities. Consumers can file complaint with the Better Business Bureau, if they feel they have not been treated fairly by a local business. InvestoPedia mentions that the BBB resolves 70 percent of their complaints.


A Better Business Bureau accredited business complies with the BBB’s ethical standards for honesty, integrity, protecting consumers’ privacy, and meeting ethical standards for their advertising. The BBB collects information on all businesses, accredited or non-accredited. Picking an attorney with a BBB rating and accreditation means that you’re not just getting someone with a lot of good reviews, you’re seeing the results of being an ethical attorney at law.

Ratings System

The Better Business Bureau rates businesses on a school style A+ 2F rating system and take into account the following points.

  1. The business’ history with the BBB which includes the number of complaints filed against the business, the appropriateness of the business’ response, if the complaints have been resolved in a timely fashion, and the business made a good-faith effort to resolve the complaint. Another factor in the rating is also the pattern of complaints, and how the business addresses the underlying cause.
  2. Type of business is also considered and the rating lowered if the business is believed to operate in violation of the law, or intentionally misrepresents its products or services, does not advertise truthfully or accurately, or fails to be transparent about its conduct.
  3. Fails to honor commitments to the BBB, including failure to honor settlements reached in mediation or arbitration, and misuse of the BBB name or logo.
  4. Issues related to licensing and government actions – at least those that are known to the Better Business Bureau – can also lower a business’ ranking. This includes failure of the business to have attained required licensure, having licensure revoked, or government actions against the business in relation to its activities in the marketplace.

The Van Horn Law Group is rated A+ and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints or issued concerning their advertising or reported government actions. Specializing in complicated areas of the law such as bankruptcy, foreclosures, estate planning, and student loan debt, Chad Van Horn and the attorneys of the Van Horn Law Group are experienced, ethical attorneys who advise and champion their clients.

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