Credit Restoration

Credit Counseling vs. Debt Settlement – Which One is Right for You?

When you’re facing monumental debt, finding a workable solution is of paramount importance. Understanding your options can help, but sometimes…

5 months ago

How to Use the Snowflake Debt Approach in Three Steps

Money trouble -- it's a problem that just won't go away.  Millions of Americans find themselves in debt, with bills…

8 months ago

Can You Pay One Credit Card with Another Credit Card?

One of the most popular questions on the Internet concerning finances is, “Can you pay one credit card with another…

9 months ago

How Long Does an American Express Settlement Take?

If you’ve stopped paying on your account because you got laid off or were in an accident, it may be…

11 months ago

Student Loan Debt vs. Credit Card Debt: Which Should I Pay Off?

Facing student loan debt and credit card debt Q: I graduated with my degree last year, but I’m in a…

1 year ago

Why are Americans in Credit Card Debt?

You can’t really say that Americans have ever been out of credit card debt. Both before and after the recession…

1 year ago

Being Sued by a Debt Collector?

You probably never imagined finding yourself being sued by a debt collector. Nobody ever plans to get into an amount of…

2 years ago

Being Sued by American Express?

American Express does not mess around when it comes to collecting on their delinquent accounts.

2 years ago

How to Handle Harassment from Creditors and Make It Stop

You know the drill – the constant phone calls, letters. Bothering family members, even calling your job. Debt collectors act…

2 years ago

The Truth about Credit Repair

The only thing you can do is develop good credit habits, Make and stick to a budget, correct errors on…

2 years ago