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Student Loan Debt vs. Credit Card Debt: Which Should I Pay Off?

Facing student loan debt and credit card debt Q: I graduated with my degree last year, but I’m in a…

4 months ago

Why are Americans in Credit Card Debt?

You can’t really say that Americans have ever been out of credit card debt. Both before and after the recession…

4 months ago

Being Sued by a Debt Collector?

You probably never imagined finding yourself being sued by a debt collector. Nobody ever plans to get into an amount of…

6 months ago

Being Sued by American Express?

American Express does not mess around when it comes to collecting on their delinquent accounts.

7 months ago

How to Handle Harassment from Creditors and Make It Stop

You know the drill – the constant phone calls, letters. Bothering family members, even calling your job. Debt collectors act…

1 year ago

The Truth about Credit Repair

The only thing you can do is develop good credit habits, Make and stick to a budget, correct errors on…

1 year ago

What Happens When Your Credit Card Debt Is Charged Off?

If you are looking at a charge-off and are having trouble paying your other bills or even your daily living…

1 year ago

Served! John Oliver Schools the Credit Reporting Agencies

It can really seem like the deck is stacked against you when it comes to your credit report. Even if…

2 years ago

Five Things You Can Do that Will Repair Your Credit

Getting your credit back on track and moving yourself out of debt can seem impossible, especially after a major crash.…

2 years ago

How Not to Go in the Hole: Get Out of Debt Holiday Edition

Despite this, holiday shoppers are going to spend an average of $805 each on gifts this season, in some cased aided and…

2 years ago