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Florida Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection

The Florida statute of limitations on debt collection refers to the amount of time a debt collector can legally sue…

2 months ago

What is a Collection Judgment?

Being in debt is never pleasant for anyone, especially when a creditor sues you and wins a debt collection judgment…

2 months ago

How Long Does an American Express Settlement Take?

If you’ve stopped paying on your account because you got laid off or were in an accident, it may be…

3 months ago

How to Stop a Citibank Judgment and Wage Garnishment

Your employer may call you into the office with some awkward news. Your wages are being garnished due to a…

7 months ago

Can a Credit Card Company Sue You?

Q: I am not sure if I am being scammed or not, but I got served with a lawsuit this…

10 months ago

Being Sued by a Debt Collector?

You probably never imagined finding yourself being sued by a debt collector. Nobody ever plans to get into an amount of…

10 months ago

Being Sued by American Express?

American Express does not mess around when it comes to collecting on their delinquent accounts.

11 months ago

What to Do When Receiving a Summons from Capital One Bank

Capital One Bank wants to know what’s in your pocket, and they’ve issued a summons to get it. There are…

11 months ago

Being Sued by Midland Funding – Who Are They?

I never got the summons, but my boss told me that they might even garnish my wages. My boss says just…

11 months ago

Getting the Upper Hand when Dealing With Debt Collectors

Debtors have rights. You might not know it from the behavior of some debt collectors, but debtors have rights that…

1 year ago