Loan Modification

How Might the New 40-Year FHA Loan Modification Option Impact You?

In early April 2022, the FHA introduced a proposal that would add an additional 120 months to the maximum terms…

1 year ago

Can You Combine Bankruptcy and Loan Modification Program

If you are falling behind on mortgage payments and are unsure if you will be able to catch up, you…

1 year ago

A Question for 2021 – Can Loan Modification Stop Foreclosure?

Can loan modification stop foreclosure? The answer is yes, if you know what you’re doing and how to get that modification.  

2 years ago

Homeowners and Renters Need to Know What Happens when the Moratorium Ends

This article has been put off a few times waiting for the Senate to get moving through June and past…

3 years ago

Is Loan Modification a Good Idea or a Bad Idea?

Is a loan modification a good idea? Loan modification is an option that lowers your monthly payments and shows your…

3 years ago

Struggling With Payments? What to Know About Loan Modification in Florida

So many people don’t investigate loan modification in Florida - they don’t know if they would qualify and they’re afraid to…

3 years ago

Navigating Without Loan Modification Lawyer

Loan modifications can help you deal with a large debt and high payments. You can handle this on your own,…

8 years ago