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Chad Van Horn Qualifies for Clients’ Choice Award

It is with pleasure and pride that we can once again announce that Chad Van Horn has qualified for the prestigious AVVO Client Choice award. Chad Van Horn currently holds the highest possible rating of 10 out of 10, an accurate reflection of his dedication to professionalism and client service. His client reviews don’t hold back in their praise for the knowledge, kindness, and compassion that he delivers every single day.

A lawyer is only as good as his work, and we’d like to offer a gracious thank you to all of you who have given feedback on our firm.

Here are just a few highlights from some of Chad Van Horn’s recent five-star reviews:

  • “Very attentive and this lawyer showed concern and empathy.”
  • “[Chad] walked us through the process and was always available for questions or concerns despite being the head of the firm.”
  • “Chad Van Horn listened to me and explained that he would be with me the entire way. Thanks for treating me as a person that you valued.”
  • “Chad, please keep up the great work and team you have. It makes the frustrating process of filing bankruptcy a pleasant experience.”

What is AVVO?

AVVO is a vast legal service marketplace that allows users to search for lawyers and legal advice. Client reviews and feedback are a large part of a lawyer’s rating, in addition to public information gathered from sources like State Bar associations and public records. Overall, AVVO ratings are completely unbiased, can’t be bought, and are held in very high regard due to their reliability and accuracy.

How Can AVVO Help You?

If you’re seeking an attorney, AVVO is one of the best places to start. While it shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, it can definitely guide your search. Here are a couple of points to consider when seeking a lawyer:

  • Consultations are important; you shouldn’t decide on a lawyer based on the internet alone. An in-person consultation gives you a clear picture of who you’ll be working with and whether or not you “click” with your attorney. Make sure to bring a list of questions and concerns so you can get an idea of how the lawyer operates and what their approach is to your situation.
  • Consider the size of the firm. A smaller firm gives you a firmer guarantee of more consistent personalized attention. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your phone calls and emails are going unanswered for unacceptable amounts of time. A good lawyer should be available to answer your questions as soon as possible and keep a reliable line of contact open.

AVVO also features endorsements from other lawyers; be sure to check those as well in addition to client feedback. Doing your homework is important when it comes to choosing a lawyer; don’t skimp on your research if you’re looking for top-tier service.

A Final Word

The AVVO Clients’ Choice Award will hopefully remain a constant achievement for the Van Horn Law Firm. Having received this award for several previous years, it’s the principal goal of Chad Van Horn to continue providing exceptional legal assistance for bankruptcy and debt relief.

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