How to Choose a Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me

Bankruptcy is not an enjoyable experience, but it does not have to be as stressful as many people believe it is. The truth is, with the right people in your corner, it can be a faster, simpler, smoother process than you might think – and can deliver great results. 

If you are hoping to get started rebuilding your financial future through bankruptcy but are worried that you will choose the wrong guide along the path, you are not alone. Many people feel that finding a great bankruptcy lawyer near them is more difficult than it should be. But again, it does not have to be the worst part of the process if you approach it the right way. 

Here is your guide to finding a great bankruptcy lawyer – and keeping your sanity along the way. 

Take a Deep Breath – and Time to Think

Before you do anything else, take a moment to take a deep breath and evaluate your situation. Bankruptcy and the debt that leads to it can be overwhelming. Far too many people make drastic and potentially detrimental decisions during this time as a result of that overwhelm. 

Don’t let this happen to you. Take time for yourself and your sanity, so you can make cool-headed decisions. It will pay dividends in the long run!

Hang Up on Those Creditors

Once you decide to pursue bankruptcy, you will need to stop interacting with your creditors. It is fine to tell them that you are entering bankruptcy, but continuing to engage with them will only serve to cause you more stress. Give them notice of your intentions and stop communication moving forward. Soon, you will have an agreement in place that prevents them from pursuing legal action against you, so do not let them intimidate you during this time.

Remember Your Importance as the Client

You might feel selfish thinking, “I want to choose a great bankruptcy lawyer near me”, rather than simply settling for whatever a local lawyer has to offer. However, it is important for you to remember your importance in this situation. 

You are the client. You are the person employing the bankruptcy lawyer you will ultimately be working with. They essentially work for you. While you should not be rude and inconsiderate to your lawyer, it is perfectly acceptable to have a list of preferences or even basic requirements for the legal professional you decide to work with. You are not selfish – you just know what you need!

Set Up an Interview

After you have finished searching for ‘bankruptcy lawyer near me’, you probably have a shortlist of choices in mind. Once you do, it is time to start making calls or sending emails to set up interviews. Again, remember that you are the client and that you are looking to fill a position, so you should have no shame in asking a potential representative a few questions!

What kind of questions should you ask an lawyer that you are considering working with? The right questions can help you narrow down the list of those near you and help you make the best possible decision. You should base your questions on your current life and financial circumstances, as these can help your lawyer best understand how to help you. 

Some things you can do to give your lawyer the information they need to help you include:

  • Indicate what type of debt you have. This can have a major impact on the type of bankruptcy you should file, as well as how much of it can actually be discharged.
  • Talk about your financial situation. Are you employed? Are you able to pay your bills as things are, excluding your debt? Do you have assets that might be at stake if you file for certain types of bankruptcy?
  • Disclose some personal details. Are you going through a divorce? Did your former spouse create or cause the majority of your debt? Has this been addressed in your divorce, or are you still in the process of separating?
  • Open up about your job. Is your employment or financial situation about to change? Are you retiring, leaving your job, or about to get a new job or position?

All of these will help your lawyer give you realistic expectations from the beginning.

Comparison Shop

Should you compare the lawyers you are considering to one another? Absolutely! This will help you determine who the best fit might be, as well as whether one law group or legal representative offers something that offers do not.

The only thing to keep in mind during this process is that the lawyers you are comparing may each wrongly assume that they are the only ones you are considering. Be sure to be transparent with them from the beginning and let them know when you have made your decision. 

Evaluate the Attorneys You Are Considering

The final step of the process is to think about everything that you’ve been offered in terms of help – from every attorney you have spoken with – and decide which of these offers best suits your needs. This may mean someone you live closest to or someone who has the most experience in the specific type of representation you need. Whatever your preferred criteria are, you can likely find someone who fits the bill perfectly.

Just remember, being proactive is the key. Keep your needs at the forefront of your mind and look for a law firm that can meet them. You’ll be glad you prioritized yourself!

Find a Great ‘Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me’ with the Van Horn Law Group

Still repeatedly searching for ‘bankruptcy lawyer near me’ and hoping to find someone worth representing you? Let us be the answer you are seeking! 

At the Van Horn Law Group, we offer numerous legal services, including knowledgeable bankruptcy guidance. We can help you find the solutions that work for your unique situation, as well as make the right decisions along the way. Whether you compare us to other local options or choose us right off the bat, we are happy to offer the best possible representation and assistance – and help you get the kind of results you are hoping for! 

Give us a call today to learn more!

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What kind of questions should you ask an lawyer that you are considering working with? The right questions can help you narrow down the list of those near you and help you make the best possible decision. You should base your questions on your current life and financial circumstances, as these can help your lawyer best understand how to help you.
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