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Some people I’ve met are surprised at how intersectional the law can be. It’s not unusual for my firm to see clients who have multiple legal needs. We have individuals with pending malpractice suits who also need to enter bankruptcy. We have people filing for bankruptcy who are also preparing for divorce. No matter what the situation – from personal injury and labor law to malpractice and family law – our clients need to have dedicated and knowledgeable representation to guide them through complex legal proceedings toward resolution. At Van Horn Law Group, we want the best for our clients – and so do you.


The Unexpected

Life is what happens when you make other plans. Poor financial planning and the overuse of credit are not the only conditions that can lead to bankruptcy. The primary cause of bankruptcy is still medical bills followed by job loss, divorce, and unexpected expenses. Whether the cause of those medical bills is malpractice, a workplace injury, illness, or an accident, the legal problems and repercussions can be very real. A settlement may not arrive in time to save the day. Unexpected expenses not covered by insurance can make a hole in the financial ship very quickly. Divorces can be expensive and, if a marriage is floundering over debt, divorce proceedings should be started or continued only after the discharging of the marital estate’s bankruptcy.


Offering Prudent Advice

Your client may not want to hear that they might need bankruptcy or other measures to improve their financial outlook. However, as far as providing wise legal counsel goes, it may be the best thing for them. Far from being the last refuge of deadbeats, you should remind them that bankruptcy is a constitutionally protected way for people to discharge their debts. We are a law firm that, since our founding, provides prudent advice to all our clients despite the complexity of their case.


There Are Other Options

For people burdened with student loan debt, there are other options to consider before bankruptcy to relieve the burden of monthly payments. For some clients, a consolidation loan with a reputable company may be the best bet for settling their debt while others may benefit from negotiations. Bankruptcy is only one of many options we can offer your clients based on their individual needs and a realistic assessment of their resources. We will work hard to find the best solution for everyone involved.


Refer Your Clients with Peace of Mind

If you have a client experiencing financial difficulty, it may ease their mind to speak with an attorney at a firm that specializes in debt and a variety of resolutions. We can sit down with you and your client for a free initial consultation in our Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach office. Give us a call so we can work together to bring their troubles to a good conclusion.

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