Van Horn Law Group 2016 Notable Awards from Avvo & Thumbtack

Every so often, even a lawyer needs an “Atta boy!”

Yes, I have the thanks of my clients and the recognition of my peers, but sometimes there’s a great deal of satisfaction in the recognition that comes with an award.

I’ve recently been very honored to be receiving the AVVO Clients’ Choice for 2016, a 2016 Martindale Hubbell preeminent rating and the Thumbtack Best of 2016 award. In my practice I have always tried to help the people who come to me in distress. Whether that has been for foreclosures, student loan collections, bankruptcy, or other problems, I want my clients to know that I truly care about them and am invested in obtaining a good outcome for them, no matter what the situation.

When I began Van Horn Law group, I wanted to be the firm that didn’t just take the easy cases. I wanted us to be the ones who took tough situations, hard decisions, and worked hard to help our clients. I wanted us to be a part of the community through our involvement with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, pro bono work, and even offering scholarships. When I see a positive review, whether it is on our Facebook page, AVVO, or anywhere else. I feel that I have something to be proud of in that I and my team have helped to change someone’s life for the better.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave a thoughtful review after using our firm. Many people do not think that reviews matter, but I can tell you that they do. Most of all, reviews matter to other people, who might not have made up their minds what to do about their own financial distress. To hear from those who have come through the process is an invaluable tool to making up their mind. It makes a difference when people can hear from others who have been there and come out the other side. Whether it is with a successful discharge from bankruptcy, a consolidation of student loans, or fighting against something that almost feels too big to fight, those words can matter very deeply.

As one of my reviewers on my AVVO page wrote, “Knowledge is power.” No matter what kind of distress you’re facing, it’s a safe bet that the other side has lawyers who will fight for them, and you need a lawyer and law firm staff who will fight for you. I hope that if you are reading this and are one of our previous clients that you will leave a review for us and maybe inspire someone who is in the same circumstances that you once were. Your voice could make all the difference.

If you are on the fence about retaining a lawyer – or even consulting with one – about your own financial situation, please give us a call. We will arrange a free consultation for you and give you the best advice we can toward a good outcome.

About Chad Van Horn

Chad T. Van Horn, Esq. is a South Florida business leader and founding partner attorney of Van Horn Law Group, P.A. Through a combination of dedicated philanthropy, spirited entrepreneurship and legal expertise, he applies his resources and network to helping people. Learn more about Chad Van Horn

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