4 Things to Ask Before Hiring a South Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

Before you jump into the process of bankruptcy, talk to a South Florida bankruptcy attorney about the details.

2 years ago

Can a Reaffirmation Agreement be Rescinded After Discharge?

The simple answer to whether your reaffirmation agreement can be rescinded is yes. The more complicated answer is that you…

2 years ago

Is High-Income Bankruptcy an Option for Me?

A knowledgeable lawyer who understands high-income bankruptcy will begin by establishing the types of debt you have.

2 years ago

Can I Get a Home Equity Loan After Bankruptcy?

One of the biggest questions posed to bankruptcy lawyers by clients is whether they can make major financial moves, such…

2 years ago

John Oliver Bankruptcy Breakdown: Part 3: Chad Van Horn’s Take

John Oliver is a brilliant comedian and observer of human and political nature, as you’ll see by watching one of…

2 years ago

John Oliver Bankruptcy Breakdown: Part 2: What He Got Wrong

John Oliver has a heck of a research team and no doubt some hefty legal muscles ready to lift on…

2 years ago

John Oliver Bankruptcy Breakdown: Part 1: What He Got Right

True comedy has just enough truth in it to make it sting, and John Oliver is a master at delivering…

2 years ago

How to Start Over After Filing Bankruptcy 

If you still have questions about how to proceed after filing bankruptcy, let the knowledgeable staff at the Van Horn Law Group guide…

2 years ago

Can I Rebuild My Credit After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?  

for those of you who have moved past those initial phases of the bankruptcy process, you might now be wondering:…

2 years ago

What to Know About Florida Bankruptcy Residency Requirements 

Those who live part-time in one state or who have a residency status that is anything less than set in…

3 years ago