How Squid Game Shows the Lengths People Will Go in Dealing with Debt

Have you seen Squid Game? The show is on everyone’s minds and lips as it becomes increasingly popular around the world. But what is it – and why does everyone love it so much?

The truth is, the show is reflective of our society’s enormous problem with debt, and the lengths that we are willing to go to in solving it. If anything were the perfect encapsulation of the modern era, it is a risky game that most of us end up losing. 

What is Squid Game?

Before we dive deeper into how it has taken pop culture by storm – and how it relates to the real-world problem of debt – let’s take a closer look at what Squid Game is. 

Squid Game is a show on Netflix that was created in South Korea. It is based on a popular Korean children’s game that was commonly played in schoolyards in the 1970s and 1980s. If that sounds charming and quaint, it is only because the people who agree to play the game do not know how serious the consequences of what they are doing can be. 

Players who elect to participate in the game are given very little insight into what will happen. They are only told that they will have the chance to win a large amount of money. The people who are playing are all dealing with major debt, so this proposition is obviously attractive to them. They agree to play without the knowledge that their lives are at risk. 

You see, when a person plays the Squid Game – based on the literal translation of the children’s game that involves a squid-shaped formation of two teams – or other games in the competition, they either win, or they die. Likewise, if they try to leave the game or elect to stop playing, they also die. Essentially, once the games begin, you either leave a winner or you never leave at all.

Sound intense? It is. The series has the same high-stakes thrilling appeal as series like The Hunger Games, but with a heavy dose of horror added in. As we creep closer to Halloween, it is no wonder so many people are enjoying the series – but is there a deeper meaning to the terrifying fun?

Why Do So Many People Connect with the Show?

After hearing what the show entails, some people are wondering how this viral sensation has become so popular. Obviously, part of its appeal is the interesting premise and the graphic, thrilling nature of the show. People love excitement, even when it is horrifying. But a bigger issue is at play here.

As mentioned before, the games are played by people who are dealing with tremendous debt. This debt is often life-altering for those suffering from it, as is the case with the show’s primary protagonist, Seong Gi-hun

Seong is a gambling addict who has fallen on hard financial times and is estranged from his ex-wife and daughter. He desperately wants to re-establish his relationship with his little girl, while also struggling under a mountain of debt. When he is offered a chance to win enough money to offset those debts, he thinks he sees the answer to all of his troubles. 

The consequences of trying to repay that immense debt are not immediately clear to the participants of the games. However, most of the people who are in that situation are so desperate, they do not care what consequences they might face- at least until they start witnessing the deaths of the other participants. At that point, it is too late – and that is something that far too many people relate to. 

While real-life debt will not land a person in a battle royale for their life, it is an all-too-common experience that can lead to some drastic and potentially dangerous decisions. Likewise, debt has led more than a few people to situations that can negatively impact the rest of their lives – or even end them. 

The Extraordinary Lengths Real People Go to in Dealing with Debt

If you think that you would never play the Squid Game, you may have never faced the kind of drastic debt that the characters in the story are dealing with. These characters are all competing with the hopes of winning a large sum of money that they can use to repay that debt and rebuild their lives – something that people really do every day.

People who are dealing with debt may resort to drastic measures to settle it. This can range from gambling and playing the lottery to theft, forgery, and blackmail. Many criminals are motivated by money, and some people may even resort to crimes that could land them in jail for life or worse. 

It isn’t just relatable to see characters dealing with tremendous debt in the media we consume. It is relatable to see those characters dealing with that debt in whatever way becomes possible – even if it seems outlandish. Ask yourself, if you were in their shoes, would you do the same thing?

When is Bankruptcy the Best Option?

Debt does not have to end your life, either literally or figuratively. When you are struggling with paying down debt or unable to pay even your basic monthly expenses, it does not have to lead to the kind of dangerous decisions that the characters in Squid Game are forced to make. In the real world, there are options for those dealing with even the most drastic types of debt.

For many people, bankruptcy is the best among these options. When you need a truly fresh start and would go to almost any lengths to get there, bankruptcy can help you hit refresh on your financial future and improve the present at the same time. The relief that many bankruptcy participants report feeling is important in planning a better life. While it may seem like a drastic decision, the alternatives can be even scarier!

If you still are not sure whether bankruptcy is the best option for you, contact the experienced legal team at the Van Horn Law Group. We can evaluate your unique situation and help you make the right decisions to get you back on track. Don’t play games with your financial future! Give us a call to learn more today!

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How Squid Game Shows the Lengths People Will Go in Dealing with Debt
Squid game is reflective of our society’s enormous problem with debt, and the lengths that we are willing to go to in solving it.
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