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Business Bankruptcy Options That Are Common For Small Businesses

Filing for business bankruptcy is never in a small business owner’s plans. Open starting a business, most have high hopes…

3 months ago

Tips to Prepare for a Bankruptcy Consultation

Filing for bankruptcy can be a long, difficult process, but if you’re working with the right attorney, it can also…

4 months ago

Is Filing Bankruptcy Bad in Florida?

When people come to the office, burdened with debt, this is one of the questions I hear the most often.

7 months ago

Filing Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer in Florida

One of the most frequently asked questions in my practice is "In Florida, can I consider filing bankruptcy without a…

8 months ago

Another Hit to Retail, Payless Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

All of this adds up to traditional retail that was unprepared for shifts in consumer attitudes, rising wages, online availability…

10 months ago

What is a Stalking Horse Bid?

Bankruptcy is a complex legal procedure and there are a number of different aspects to each different case. One of…

11 months ago

How Bankruptcy can Help Your Credit

To understand just how bankruptcy can help with your credit, first you need to understand how long certain items stay…

1 year ago

Bankruptcy vs. Paying Off Debt

There are people who think that bankruptcy is the worst fate ever. It’s not, and nobody gets to the point…

1 year ago

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost In Broward County?

Each case is different, and if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, I urge you to take advantage of a…

1 year ago

Do You Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Now, as to the DIY “kits” – usually forms and a bare-bones instruction book - and software that’s out there…

1 year ago