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Don’t Let Black Friday Put You in the Red. Tips to Stay Out of Holiday Debt

Join us for this Facebook Livestream, Talk with Chad Q&A

November 25th, 2020 at 12:00 pm (EST)


`Tis the season for gift buying, traveling and other holiday-related expenses that cause shoppers to overextend their finances.

In this new LIVE Q&A with Attorney Chad Van Horn, he will address holiday spending and the debt that follows consumers around for years. 

Each holiday season we witness clients falling into the same traps and many of the mistakes are avoidable. With Black Friday fast approaching and the ease of online shopping it’s very important to have a plan. Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Chad Van Horn will be discussing ways to keep your wallet stuffed this Thanksgiving and holiday season.  

During this Q&A attorney Chad Van Horn will address: 

  • Budget Creation for the holiday shopping season
  • Do’s and Don’ts regarding holiday spending
  • How to properly use credit cards for holiday expenses
  • Ways to manage the debt after the holiday spending

Have a question? 

To get questions answered during this LIVE Q&A, DM us any questions on Facebook. Chad will be answering as many questions as possible during this free, Facebook Live event.

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