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Wondering what it’s like working at Van Horn Law Group? You’re in luck. Here, we’ll take a look at the many reasons why the team at Van Horn love what they do – and where they work!

A Colorful Team of Attorneys

Working in a law office must mean working in a buttoned-up, boring setting, right? Not if you’re working at Van Horn Law Group. Here, the employees are more likely to have fun with the attorneys leading successful cases than to worry that they’ll upset them by enjoying themselves too much at work.

That’s because Managing Partner and attorney Chad Van Horn does his best to create an environment where everyone – from those who have just hired in to those who have been with the company since its inception – feel welcome, comfortable, and proud of what’s going on. The formula that Van Horn and his associates have figured out is one that allows for all of this, with colorful characters like Stephen M. Weinstein Esq. who is just as well known for his guitar skills as his legal prowess or Terri Schwartz who is known as a “beast” at what she does, this practice knows how to have fun while getting things done.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a dynamite team of legal professionals. Far from it. In fact, working at Van Horn Law Group means working with some of Florida’s best, most experienced, and most knowledgable legal professionals. It means combining a passion for public service with a love of the law and upholding the ideals of what is right – and helping people find justice there!

Technology for Today’s Legal Team

One thing that the team at Van Horn Law Groupdoes that many other legal practices don’t is make themselves available online for clients and consumers to see. This helps people who are thinking of partnering with Van Horn and associates to put names and faces to the real people helping them make sense of the often confusing legal jargon they encounter.

Working at Van Horn Law Group means putting your best face forward through online profiles, photos, and even videosso that the public can see every member of the staff that is available to help them. This builds trust and helps to foster the sense of community that the Van Horn team is well-known for. Some of these videosdiscuss important legal matters than many clients and consumers have questions about, while others make introductions to the Van Horn team members.

Growth That Never Ceases

One of the things that employees love about working at Van Horn Law Group is the environment of consistent and ongoing growth and development that the practice has fostered. Employees at every level and in every position are encouraged to continually improve not only in their current area, but in every possible way. This helps people to create better versions of themselves and realizes goals that they might never have even dreamed of chasing before their employment at Van Horn.

Take Office Manager and paralegal Martha Cayoas a prime example of this. Cayo was born in Puerto Rico and raised in both Montreal, Canada and Miami, Florida. Her diverse background and take-charge attitude helped her secure a position at Van Horn, despite having no experience in law. She was not satisfied to work forever in a clerical position, however.

Cayo took note of just how much of a difference was being made in people’s lives by the work the legal team did and decided that she wanted to be part of that difference herself. Within a few years, Martha had obtained her legal degree and was promoted to the position of paralegal, eventually splitting those duties with that of office manager full time. Hers is just one of many examples of how employees at the Van Horn Law Group are able to work toward a better, more fulfilling future while working in a supportive environment in the meantime.

Take it From the Team

Want to hear more about the benefits of working at Van Horn Law Group? Here are a few things the team members at the practice have to say about their jobs – and why they love them:

  • Van Horn as a boss is described as a decorated and experienced attorney who gives a “push in the right direction” without being a micro-manager. He grants his employees the ability to learn and grow on their own – something they value above most else.
  • Other employees describe Van Horn as his practice as “open” to new ideas and “laid-back” and “easy-going” in a positive way, providing an environment where employees never feel intimidated or overwhelmed.
  • A fellow senior attorney from the practice even describes the experience of working at Van Horn Law Group as teaching her things that nearly twenty years of independent practice did not both personally and professionally. In ways like this, every person who partners with the other professionals at Van Horn Law Group stands to benefit and grow – something that just can’t be said for a lot of other practices!

Working at Van Horn Law Group – It Could Be for You!

If all of this sounds like an environment you’d love to be part of, take note – the team at Van Horn Law Group is always looking for talented, passionate, and driven people to help us make an even bigger impact on the Fort Lauderdale area and beyond. For more information, contact us directly or browse available careers. You never know when the perfect fit for you might be close to home – and in a great environment like the one here at Van Horn Law Group!

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